Tricks and Treats for your Halloween Party!

Updated: Oct 3, 2018

What's a ghost’s favorite dessert? (keep reading and you'll find out)

Halloween is such a special time of year. I love the excitement of decorating the house, cooking fall comfort foods, adventuring to the pumpkin patch and dreaming up what I wanted to be for Halloween. Growing up, my Grandma and Mom would make adorable costumes for our epic night of trick or treating. I mean look at how cute these Hershey's Kisses costumes are! Now having a family of my own I want nothing more than my girls to experience the same magic.

One of my favorite Halloween memories was trick or treating in the twin cities. The day was spent prepping for an epic Halloween night. Mapping out how to hit all the houses with full size candy bars, watching Halloween movies and getting our costumes ready.

Even the adults had some tricks up their sleeves. I’ll let you in on a little Halloween prank that will be sure to scare...right mom.

Find a small jewelry box, cut a hole in the bottom, place your finger through the hole, add costume blood to the base of your finger and close the box. When trick or treaters ring the door bell, greet them by slowly opening the box, let them stare for a moment and then start wiggling your finger. Not only will the kids run away screaming they will leave their whole bag of candy right at your door step...score! With all tricks aside, we had such a blast with family & friends, consuming way too many treats and making memories that last a life time.

What makes Halloween so special is the spirit and excitement that comes with it. My girl Tara at Modern Crumb and I have a couple tricks to make your next Halloween party Spooktacular!

When planning a Halloween party there are three things you need to throw a killer party.

1. Spooktacular Theme

2. Deadly Dessert

3. A Great Costume.

Don't stress because we have you covered while you dream up that jaw dropping costume.

#1 Spooktacular Theme

You want to set the mood for your event which is why you always want to send out an invitation. Not only to set the tone for your party, but you're guests want to know what they're attending. The invitation also gives you the host a clear direction and inspiration for planning the rest of your party.

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#2 Deadly Dessert

You can't throw a Halloween party without TREATS. Tara at Modern Crumb put a twist on a party favorite with these goolish cake pops.  These delectable cake pops are deadly good and will have you going back for seconds. Fly on over to Modern Crumb to scoop up this delectable cake pop recipe!

#3 Great Costume

Now this is the fun part! You can get super creative and crafty with your costume...or not because Amazon and Target will always have you covered. Last year my youngest daughter was born a few weeks before Halloween so we wanted something quick and easy! We took our oldest daughter shopping to pick out the costume she wanted. It was a heated debate between Buz Lightyear and a lion...the lion ultimately won the battle. So like any modern day millennial we were deep into a Pinterest search to find the perfect family costume. As always Pinterest delivered. We found the perfect and most importantly easy family costume as Lion, Tigers and Bears OH MY!

I hope this gets you in the Halloween spirit and ready to start planning your spooktaular costume party! Don't forget to stop by Modern Crumb to grab this delicious halloween treat and my Etsy shop for this spooky invitation! Have a bootiful Halloween!

Eat, drink and be scary!

Q: What's a Ghost’s Favorite Halloween Dessert?

Joke Answer:

Boo-berry pie with ice scream!

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Cake Pop Recipe:

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